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Four US tourists attacked with acid at Marseille train station
Four US tourists attacked with acid at Marseille train station
World news 1 hour ago
A 41-year-old woman was arrested over the incident.
Trump refers to Kim Jong-un as 'Rocket Man'
Trump refers to Kim Jong-un as 'Rocket Man'
World news 3 hours ago
In one of many Tweets from Trump on Sunday morning, he refers to a call with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in in which he gives North Korea's Kim Jong-un a new nickname. The White House version of the call says Moon and Trump will meet at the UN this week.
Richard and Ben Dreyfuss air dirty laundry in father-son exchange
Richard and Ben Dreyfuss air dirty laundry in father-son exchange
Celebrity 3 hours ago
Now you know why Jaws is Ben Dreyfuss' fave Spielberg film. 😂

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I’m SO ready to see what you guys got! You ready to sing with me? 😈

Great conversation with Colin Kaepernick yesterday. He's absolutely in football shape, ready for a call... if it ever comes.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein: We intend for Donald Trump Jr. to testify publicly

finding random stuff like this makes me happy. best part of having kids.


. makes his home debut for the today – and they could be celebrating postgame:

Still not over Jackson and Ethan being back on . Missed it? Catch up before tonight's new episodes:

Zendaya used to be a "Kidz Bop" kid and I'm wondering if I'm the only person who didn't know this

Yes, climate change made Harvey and Irma worse

ICYMI: Glen A. Doherty died protecting Americans in a CIA facility in Benghazi, Libya in September 2012.

Tweet me an awkward photo of yourself. They make me 😊

Leave the internet and come okay with me 😍

Today's - game is the first matchup in NFL history between two QB with 400 passing touchdowns each:

Just five more days until ! What tips do you have for players who are new to the Pokkén Tournament community?

Meet Charlie. He just finished his first puppointment with the vet. Quite pupset. Thought he was going to the park. 13/10 cheer pup Charlie

Great team performance from the team today and happy to come away with a result

How "Captain Underpants" author overcame learning disabilities to become the creator of the beloved kids' series

Far, far away, 55 million light-years to be exact, lies this galaxy containing a massive star-forming cloud. Details

Happy 15th Birthday, Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts released in North America on September 17th, 2002.

15 years ago today came to North America! Reply with what you love the most about it!

California is set to ban drones and bots from delivering legal marijuana

this is my sad "thank you" for reading my sad tweets. also, a thx to . it's not perfect but i mean it. see you at 💧


Boxing is a mad game.

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